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Islam: The Crown of Creation

"In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful"

-Holy Koran

The HOLY SPIRIT is the power, force and spirit of the Living God. The words and works of the HOLY SPIRIT are predominantly found in the Holy Koran/Quran. Today, as of 2021, there are an estimated 1.8 billion muslims worldwide (out of a total population of 8 billion people on Earth). Projections are that Islam will conquer ALL religions by 2030 and comprise nearly 3 billion adherents. The HOLY SPIRIT is the ONE FORCE (i.e. "extraterrestrial/off-world") that is capable of completely destroying the utterly evil and satanic jew/new world order that is rapidly arising on Earth at this very late hour- and this it WILL do with Great power and with Great Vengence at the end of days. Nothing in heaven and earth can delay nor stop the prophesized EXECUTION of Divine Judgement upon the wicked, both on Earth (physically) and in the fallen angelic (etheric/interdimensional) realms where dark powers and principalities currently operate and reside. Lucifer and a large portion of the fallen angelic heirarchy are headquartered and currently operate out of the Gobi desert region of northern China.

Lucifer and the 1/3rd heavenly host that fell from heaven in antiquity are the true movers, motivators and shakers of this world. They are invisible, interdimensional, extraterrestrial life forms that exist and operate in a hyperdimensional portion of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the frequencies and vibrations of visible light. They are highly malevolent creatures who hate GOD and hate his creation- especially man. The account of the Fall of Lucifer and his heavenly host is found all throughout the Holy Koran. It is unfortunate that we live on a planet where these creatures exist, however, this is the hand we have been dealt as a species. Let us strive to make the best of it.

In following, the texts, history and core scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam together represent the completion and perfection of the one true faith. The words and works of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can be found primarily in the Torah, Gospel and Koran, respectively. Hence, the Holy Trinity, fully revealed to mankind in scriptural form (referenced as "the Book" repeatedly in the Holy Koran). We have record of these texts (or "the Book") to confirm our place in the Universe as well as provide for us the perspective of an evolutionary timeline of creation. The Book also offers us a branch to higher consciousness, evolutionary potential and further advancement into the multiverse as spiritual light beings if we so choose. In essence, the Book offers us salvation from this current fallen world, the glory of the kingdom of heaven and the exploration of the "many mansions" above, as the Messiah so duly noted in the Gospel. This path leads us back to GOD, the source of all life, love, freedom, perfection and light in the Universe- the very plan, purpose and "crown" of all Creation.

Mankind on Earth in the early 21st century is at a very critical nexus point in historical evolutionary progression. This epic transition to salvation, eternal life and galactic civilization is marked by a number of negative, regressive developments that are coming to fruition on Earth in these last and evil days. Transhumanism (the desire for eternal life through machines), a global digital electronic system of buying and selling, known as the "mark of the beast", psychotronic warfare and mind control in the form of 5 and 6G tower frequencies, an intrusive global spy and surveillance camera and phone tracking system of oppression, surveillance and control and a depopulation/eugenics based agenda of sterilization and extermination are all hallmarks of a level of satanic/demonic consciousness that seeks enslavement rather than the liberation, evolution and advancement of Mankind. The International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel, headquartered in the City of London, UK, wants to rebuild a 3rd jewish temple on the holy temple mount in Jerusalem to help bring in their messiah to rule and reign over all the Earth. The state of Israel is their private feifdom and has since evolved into a major hub of international finance/commerce, computer/digital communications and development and lethal military projection. The Jews have largely rejected Jesus Christ, the true annointed Messiah who came to earth 2000 years ago to offer salvation to a fallen world ruled by the cruel hand of Lucifer and his fallen angelic host. The temple mount in Jerusalem hosts the 3rd holiest site in Islam: the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque.

The Holy Koran/Quran is the greatest text in the world, surpassing even the Holy Bible in importance, popularity and stature. As mentioned previously, Islam represents the perfection of the One True Faith. The revelation of the Holy Koran is the pinnacle through which the Creator perfects His covenant, or relationship, with Mankind. It is the Holy Spirit that carries out the will of the Father and the Son when all is said and done. The Holy Spirit is the force of Creation- where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It will be the Holy Spirit that will carry out the Judgement of Almighty GOD, through His Son Jesus Christ, who has been given all power and authority on Earth.

Although the human species has already crossed many lines and points of no return with regards to putting human civilization on a path of continuity and survival on into the 21st century and beyond, global efforts must still persist to push forward for the formation of a global green world order through an international sustainable development agenda that can work to ensure that future generations will have a fighting chance of making it through the most turbulent and life-threatening crises' in human history. We desperately need a free energy economy (zero point and antigravitic energy) to replace the largely failed and antiquated hydrocarbon economy. We desperately need enlightened planet management of civilization, its resources and the biosphere. We desperately need global institutions of intellectual, economic, political and religious excellence and authority that can forge an advanced civilization on Earth for the human species.

Islam is the key to human evolution because its primary task is to not only warn humanity of impending Judgement (the Big Stick), but to teach us the critical skill of discernment, for discernment is the very foundational human attribute that is required for us to develop the characteristic and countenance of wisdom. And it is wisdom, along with faith, that will carry us through the dark days that are immediately ahead. It is now time for the human species on Earth to evolve and accept Islam, become muslims, and graciously honor the final covenant the Creator has provided for Mankind to acknowledge, accept and embrace. There can be absolutely no doubt that Islam itself is the chosen faith preferred above all faiths by GOD Almighty. For this decree is specifically proclaimed in the Holy Koran.

Islam, the Holy Koran and the Holy Spirit are together the proverbial light at the end of tunnel for humanity. Nations, peoples, and civilization in general are certainly now treading the path of self-destruction and eventual extinction in the very fullness of time unless true morality, intelligent/enlightened leadership and global environment and development policy makes a radical turn towards sanity and self-preservation. Its high time to end the capitalist profit motive and replace it with a cooperative service economy, where sharing, caring and compassion will replace the negative motivators of greed, self-interest, excess and exclusion at the expense of others and the planet. A global technocracy (scientific dictatorship), a global digital ID leading to economic enslavement, an overmilitarized and overfunded global spy and surveillance penopticon police state and global eugenics/depopulation campaigns of purposeful and deliberate genocide in the name of 'saving the planet', are completely contrary to the values, wisdom, discernment and natural evolutionary trajectories that could transition the human enterprise towards the establishment of an advanced planetary civilization on Earth, entrance into galactic civilization, global survival and ultimately, back to GOD Himself.

In summation, Islam will conquer the world- both on a physical and on a spiritual level. The Holy Spirit is the Force, Power and Projection of GOD the Father through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will become (and in many respects already is) the planetary prince once Lucifer and his fallen angelic host are forcibly overthrown and cast, with great fury and with great vengence, into the lake of fire and the raging inferno of HELL come Judgement Day. If humanity continues down the path of forming a global satanic new/jew world order by imposing tyranny, oppression and mass death and destruction upon the peoples, nations and populations on Earth and continues to willfully destroy the global environmental resource base through which all life on Earth depends, then expect only the hand of GOD- through the Holy Spirit- to put a final end to this angellic rebellion and its human totalitarian manifestation on Earth in the not too distant future.


Jonas the Prophet
Messenger of the Covenant
Petra, Jordan

April 6, 2032


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