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Advanced Planetary Civilization

In the advance of civilization, it is new knowledge which paves the way, and the pavement is eternal

-W R Whitney

Its time to build an advanced civilization on Earth.

The conditions are ripe and the time to evolve out of our dysfunctional, self-destructive, fractured global civilization is now imperative.

The year 2020 will formally and officially mark the beginning of the shift, transformation and transition that will evolve the human species into a mature, intelligent and advanced sustainable global civilization on Earth for Mankind on into the 21st century.

The old systems, edifices and foundational structures that currently uphold the ecocide and genocide of life on Earth must needs be TERMINATED immediately. That includes specifically the highly psychotic, evil, intrusive and self-destructive global military industrial intelligence security complex and all of its national security state spin-offs around the world. The global electronic/digital spy and surveillance camera and gps control grid that has metastisized like a cancer throughout the planet since the turning of the millenium, must needs be completely dismantled and destroyed as well. There is absolutely NO PLACE for a Global 4th Reich on Earth to exist now or at any time ever in the future. A global fascist police state is completely incompatable with regards to addressing and solving the rising new international environmental security threats the human species is facing today. Its past time to outlaw all war, since war is, by definition, now completely obselete. Instead of investing trillions of dollars, yuan, rubles, euros etc.. into preparing for war, conflict, death and destruction, human civilization will collectively learn to preserve, protect and defend life and the global environment- and that means a massive shift into sustainable planet management for all the peoples and nations of the Earth.

An entirely new set of priorities and infrastructure will have to be forged and built around overcoming and solving the supreme threat of global climate change. That will mean gutting the current global military industrial intelligence security complex and investing those TRILLIONS into a sustainable global green world order architecture and economy so that Mankind has a fighting chance of surviving the 21st century.

A key aspect of making this transition out of a global war economy and into a global green economy concerns the critical issue of free energy. Since the hydrocarbon economy will obviously have to be dismantled (since it is destroying the biosphere), there will arise the need for other forms of energy to replace oil and gas to run global civilization. Both zero-point and antigravitic free energies, for power and propulsion respectively, are readily available for human civilization to tap into and utilize. Both are non-polluting and inexaustable and can easily provide the global energy needs of all members of our civilization at little or no cost.

As such, the hallmark of a truly advanced civilization is free access to all energy needs and requirements. Both zero point energy and antigravitic propulsion will provide human society with abundant and inexaustable energy indefinately. Therefore, free energy is the very foundation of an advanced planetary civilization.

Another very key aspect of establishing an Advanced Civilization on Earth concerns the issue of providing free food, water, housing, health care, transportation and education to ALL members of the human family without regard to money, race, gender, nationality or religious affiliation. That means that sharing, care and compassion for other human beings needs will have to trump the self-interest of personal profit and gain at the expense of others and the environment. This will mean a transition away from the corporate state profit motive and towards a more egalitarian economic system of resource distribution and collective financial security. Politically, it will mean a shift away from a plutocratic one party corporatcracy and towards a new democractic-socialist model of wealth creation and resource distribution worldwide within every nation on Earth. Nationalism will have to take a back seat to the rising new collective internationalism that must become established on Earth if Mankind is to survive the 21st century. We are one human species living one one planet in space. The Earthrise picture taken by Apollo 8 back in the 1960's is proof of our true planetary identity and practically says it all...

The most critical aspect of creating and implementing a new advanced planetary civilization on Earth for mankind in the 21st century concerns what is commonly referred to as the Secret Space Program. The Secret Space Program, in collusion with the then newly launched "breakaway civilization" of the global technocratic elite, offically began in 1947 with the creation of the global national security state, otherwise known as the global military industrial complex. With the use of black budgets and unacknowledged special access projects within the new corporately controlled and overmilitarized aerospace and intelligence programs and agencies on Earth, there arose a multi-trillion dollar funded transnational secret space program which designed and employed highly advanced covert technologies such as antigravitic propulsion and zero point energy for antigravitic space craft, space exploration and solar system colonization. This became a financial mechanism to transfer wealth to the highly privatized, highly centralized breakaway civilization that exists today. Unfortunately, these new advanced technologies are being ruthlessly withheld from the masses of people on the planet. Truly, it is high time to bring the secret space program to bear on solving our civilization's most pressing global environmental problems, specifically with regards to the supreme threat of global climate change. The "breakaway civilization" of the global elite must be brought back into the fold of general humanity. As well, the secret space program and its advanced antigravitic propulsion and free energy technologies must similarly be brought in to help evolve our society into an advanced, well managed, environmentally sustainable planetary civilization for all human beings on Earth, not just for a select few at the top of the economic pyramid. In essence, we must ALL TOGETHER as ONE SPECIES become the NEW breakaway civilization that evolves us ALL over and above the highly destructive, highly dysfunctional hydrocarbon global economy that now holds humanity hostage in an extinction and ecocidal death grip...

Steve Jones
Zurich, Switzerland
Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)

December 21, 2020



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